Men versus Women

Women's sports are not given as much media coverage as men's sports, in large part due to the everlasting stigma against women in the sports deemed primarily "male" - e.g. football, rugby, cricket. This in turn is motive for them to feel the need to prove themselves in the world of professional sport, to be taken seriously and secure sponsorship to enable them to continue playing their sport professionally.

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Around the World in 20 Minutes

On Wednesday I had a few errands to run in the city centre. As I got off the tram I noticed nothing out of the ordinary - I was extremely anxious to go home to pack for the Easter holidays and did not care to stop for the sights I had seen countless times before. It was on my way back to the tram stop, however, that my eyes were opened: there was an animated and colourful market in the Old Market Square.


Robin Hood for a day

I moved to Nottingham in September 2015 to start my undergraduate degree. In the year and a half that I've been living here, the only exploring I did was around campus and the city centre, including the two shopping centres. Last week, I decided that it was time to visit a select few locations to get an insight into the city that I am calling home for 3 years.