Nothing like the rain when you’re in outer space

I've been given the keys to the office I work at because it's the previous intern's last working day, so after a quick lunch I headed straight back to the office to attempt to take my mind off the things it so desperately wants to cling on to and analyse endlessly.

Travel · Year Abroad

The French Riviera

After 6 months of searching for a job in France, I landed an internship at a real estate agent in Nice. I was not quite sure what my job would entail, but at the time I was simply relieved that I had finally secured a French internship after countless rejections. At this point, only a few weeks before the "year abroad period" was due to begin, I could finally allow myself to feel as excited as everyone else at the prospect of living and working abroad for the next year.


Life as a Second-Generation Immigrant

Migration is a concept that has been around for as long as there has been life on Earth; early humans, pre-humans and animals all have a pattern of migration that is traceable back to the origins of each species. The most famous human migrations include the discovery of the Americas, workforce from Eastern Europe to… Continue reading Life as a Second-Generation Immigrant